Everything fell apart after your separation. You are angry and agitated and you do not understand why your lawyer remains flexible and courteous with the lawyer of your former spouse. You would prefer a ruthless and unforgiving lawyer.

Do you sometimes feel that your lawyer is too kind to the other party’s lawyer?

But careful! A court file is not a boxing match! Your lawyer is a professional and an officer of the court and is subject to strict ethical rules. Your lawyer spends his or her days settling disputes, whether at court or out of court, and cannot afford to be too emotional. Taking a distance from your file is a good thing, and the best thing. The dispute musn’t become personal between the lawyers. They even have a duty to cooperate with each other to ensure that the case is sorted out and that it can be heard effectively by the court.

So remember that your lawyer is not your alter ego in the conflict and is not supposed to do everything you command either. Your lawyer has a duty to advise and guide you to determine what is best for you.