William Desrochers

Me William Desrochers is a litigator interested in many types of cases. He is passionate about the law and is an intellectual, however he prefers being in the action. He is also very practical in his approach to complex situations. He regularly pleads before civil law courts, both at the trial and appeal levels.

A member of the Bar since 2012, Me Desrochers is originally from Warwick, Centre-du-Québec, where his family operates a dairy farm. He is a graduate of the University of Ottawa (LL.L. – magna cum laude). He was a partner in a law firm for 5 years before co-founding Virtulex lawyers in 2021.

Me Desrochers has developed a particular expertise in family law, contract law and civil liability. He has also pleaded cases in bankruptcy law. Me Desrochers also has experience in civil liability for sexual misconduct and is a Juripop partner lawyer in this regard. He excels in complex cases that involve several areas of law at the same time.

Me Desrochers is very honest with his clients; at the risk of sometimes displeasing them. He truly says what he thinks and only has the best interest of his clients at heart. His dedication and valuable advice make him an advocate of justice and a front-line player appreciated by all.

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