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Exploratory calls

Making an appointment online has several advantages, both for you and for us, avoiding unnecessary email exchanges and phone calls.

New clients

Free exploratory calls (10 min)

This call allows us to determine if we can help you with your situation and let you know if it is worth taking further steps such as scheduling a consultation

Explaratory calls with Me Jérémy Archambault

Explaratory calls with Me William Desrochers

Consultations ($115 for 1 hour)

This consultation allows us to diagnose, advise and identify the appropriate solutions and associated costs. The $115 fee includes taxes, is payable online in advance, and is non-refundable

For a consultation with Me Jérémy Archambault

For a consultation with avec Me William Desrochers

existing cilents

For existing clients, lawyers or other stakeholders in a case

Me William Desrochers

Book an appointment with Me William Desrochers

Me Jérémy Archambault

Book an appointment with Me Jérémy Archambault