You are playing around with your phone when suddenly you receive an email from a lawyer sending you a document that looks very serious and scary. The title is in capital letters: STATEMENT OF CLAIM. You read further and discover that the person who bought your old house is suing you for hidden defects and is asking $100,000.

You are outraged to receive such an important document by email, especially since you usually delete – without even reading it – any email from an unknown sender. But now you wonder; is it real or is it a hoax? Is it legal? Can you simply ignore the document and wait to receive it by bailiff?

In our time, although sending legal proceedings by bailiff remains the rule, the court may authorize sending the documents by any manner deemed appropriate, especially when the recipient’s address is unknown to the sender. Frequent communication channels then are email and Facebook. The court authorization must appear on the received document or be attached.

Whether you think the received document is legal or not, you should contact a lawyer without delayDo not take the risk of a judgment being rendered by default against you!