Following the death of a loved one, it is possible that you are designated by the deceased to take care of his estate. You will then be called a liquidator. You must complete several steps in order to fulfill your obligations in the liquidation of the estate.

These steps include: obtaining proof of death to the ‘Directeur de l’état civil’ (the death certificate issued by the funeral home is not enough and does not have a legal value), search for the last will, if the will is not notarial verify it by a professional if necessary, identify and contact the heirs of the deceased, determine all the assets and debts of the deceased, recover the money of the deceased (active in banking, RRSPs, etc.), make an inventory of deceased’s property, pay the debts, distribute money according to the will, transfer or sell his goods, produce tax reports, make a final report and publish a notice to that effect.

Some of these acts are several formalities and requirements may vary depending on whether the deceased was married or not. To see more clearly contact us!